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After i add up the new layout next week, im thinking of adding a forum to the site. I am already aware that there is at least one other justin chambers forum, however this is an italian forum (on of the top affiliates) and then there is various Greys Anatomy forums.I wondering if i do, add one to the site, will it get used and will it be worth while. We already discuss the episodes on the tagboard, but maybe with a forum, we expand on them and give out spoilers about up and coming epiosdes, without having to warn those who dont want to know.If this plan does go ahead, we may be needing moderaters, is anyone willing to be a moderator?Also, Chadlina (of canada) i did recieve your application, and emailed you back. Have you recieved my email??[later:]Im just adding a stram to the site, may take quite i bit, to change evrything, seen as its getting updates 6 pictures at a time. Also ive added a latest upload feature on the navigation.

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