Screencaptures from this week’s episode of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ are up at the gallery. Click on the link for the album.

Screencaps > 11.07 – Could We Start Again, Please?

Next Wednesday (on CTV) and Thursday (on ABC) airs the Winter Finale of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’. After that, Grey’s will go on hiatus and only return on January 29, 2015 with episode 11.09 titled “Where Do We Go From Here?” Check out the promo for the Winter finale below.

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In the November 15th edition of Britain’s TV Choice magazine, there is a Justin interview where he talks about ‘Grey’s Anatomy’. Twitter user Jess [ @McDreamFamily ] kindly shared a photo of the interview with us. BIG thanks goes out to her. Click on the link for the album.

TV Choice – November 15, 2014

Another interview was published in Turkish magazine Habertürk. This was another interview I couldn’t translate, but luckily for us my pal Burcu [ @karevwilson ] is awesome and did the translation. GIGANTIC thanks to Burcu! :)

The original interview can also be read at the source: Justin Chambers: ‘Baba olmak en büyük mücadele’ and the translation is below.

“Being a dad is the biggest challenge.”

We have conducted a pleasant interview with Grey’s Anatomy’s handsome doctor Justin Chambers, in which we have discussed his now deeply ingrained role, his marriage of 20 years and five kids. Dr Karev from ABC Studio’s legendary TV show, which is going to air its 11th season on Digitürk Drama, is exclusively with us on Habertürk.

Did you plan on becoming a doctor when you were a child?
When I was in school I wanted to become a dentist, but my math skills were so bad that I couldn’t fulfill this dream. At least I’m playing a doctor on TV at the moment.

Do you have any hospital memories?
My brother and I used to romp around a lot, which lead to us having to be hospitalized 12 or 13 times a year. One Christmas while playing in the backyard I fell and broke my arm, so we went to the hospital with our dinner.

How does one manage to be a successful actor and a father of five at the same time?
Everything in life is a challenge but being a father is the biggest. Even if there are difficult parts to it my kids help me. It’s possible for me to release all the stress and exhaustion after a day on set just by putting them to sleep or holding them. If I were all by myself I’m sure I would down a bottle of whiskey when going home after filming, but this way is healthier for me. This TV show has seriously changed my life. I have not once told my children “we can’t afford this” and I thank God for that.

But well, isn’t being married for 20 years a record for Hollywood?
Well, if you think about it, isn’t Hollywood consisting of families anyway? Hollywood is in fact one big family, where you have families inside of one family.

Do you plan on having more kids?
No. God, no!

As someone who remembers you as a model from Calvin Klein campaigns, may I ask how you manage to still look the same?
I think the youthfulness of my children keeps me energetic and alert. Actually, I feel kind of old. If you see me differently, lucky me. But I feel 10 years older than people of my generation. Because digesting Hollywood is extremely difficult and very exhausting both physically and mentally.

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The screencaps of Justin’s scenes in this week’s episode of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ have been added to the gallery and the link is below.

Screencaps > 11.06 – Don’t Let’s Start

Next Wednesday (on CTV in Canada) or Thursday (on ABC in the US) airs episode 11.07 titled “Can We Start Again Please?” and the promos from the two networks are below.

ABC promo

CTV promo

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Some great new scans have been added to our gallery of a Justin interview that came in Belgium’s Het Nieuwsblad weekend magazine. A HUGE thank you goes out to Twitter user Ortho Goddess [ @TorresGoddess ] for generously scanning and sending in the interview.

I’ve done the translations for all the other interviews, but this one in flemish (belgian dutch) was out of my league. LOL. Luckily, Anouk [ @nouklemore] was kind enough to do the translation. MASSIVE thanks goes out to Anouk for her amazing work with the translation.

Link to the interview scans is below and also the English translation.

Het Nieuwsblad (Belgium) – September 20, 2014
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Justin Chambers, eleven seasons as Dr. Alex Karev on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’


Originally his character wasn’t even in the pilot of the show, but that turned around. Justin Chambers (44), once a model for Calvin Klein and Giorgio Armani, has become one with his character as badboy/ doctor Alex Karev, after eleven seasons of Grey’s Anatomy. No big deal, the actor thinks. “Being a regular on a show has always been a dream. So don’t complain when you get recognized on the streets and they confuse you with your character.”

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In May of this year, Justin made an appearance at the Disabled Veteran Business Alliance event “Keeping the Promise“. On November 14th, Justin will once again show his support for veteran causes by attending the Salute to Veterans Day Breakfast.
The event will take place at the Beverly Hilton from 8:30 am – 11:00 am. Here is the link for more info including the registration to attend: DVBA.org

I added to the gallery scans from recent editions Us Weekly and OK! magazines that featured photos of Justin. Links are below.

Us Weekly – November 3, 2014

OK! (US) – November 10, 2014

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Rob Greenlea, who has directed episodes of Grey’s Anatomy including next week’s episode, tweeted two photos from season 8 as a Throwback Thursday last week. The lion photo is from episode 8.18 “The Lion Sleeps Tonight”, and the photo of Justin sitting next to a hospital bed is from episode 8.14 “All You Need Is Love” (I think). Check out the photos on Twitter or click on this direct link to the Justin photo.

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The ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Halloween Party was held Saturday night at Bugatta in Los Angeles. Below is a photo of the cast present at the party. Justin went dressed up as the Grey’s Anatomy makeup department head, Norman T. Leavitt. Camilla Luddington went as a voodoo doll, Kevin McKidd as a zombie surgeon, Chandra Wilson as a witch, James Pickens Jr. as Facebook. Jerrika Hinton also attended the party but I’m not sure yet what she was dressed up as.

Here are few more photos of Justin at the party. Click on the thumbnails for the bigger photos.

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Since this is a Halloween party update, I added a few more photos from the Grey’s Halloween party in 2011 that was hosted by Justin, Kevin and Sara Ramirez to the gallery.

Grey’s Anatomy Halloween Party – October 22, 2011
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News came this week that season 11 of Grey’s Anatomy will have 24 episodes. In addition to the full season order (22 episodes) Grey’s Anatomy had, ABC has ordered an additional two episodes. Source: TV Line

  In the aftermath of Thursday’s Callie and Arizona centric episode of Grey’s Anatomy, Jessica Capshaw gave an interview to TV Guide where she talks a bit about working with Justin.

It’s funny to see Callie and Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) bond over their troubles, but it’s also kind of heartwarming to see the interactions between Arizona and Alex (Justin Chambers).
Capshaw: Alex is always kind of her person. It’s really funny — Justin and I are good friends outside of the show and when we go to do these scenes, he’s such a great actor and he’s been playing this part for so long that his reactions and his playing of the character comes very easy to him. And it is very Alex. He’s a boy and he’s like, “Dude, get over it.” Of course, I come to it as Jessica playing Arizona, and then Justin’ll be like, “Dude, get over it.” I’m like, “Can you please be nicer to me in that scene?”

Source: TV Guide

As usual, the screencaptures from this week’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy have been added to the gallery. The link to the album is below.

Screencaps > 11.05 – Bend & Break

Grey’s Anatomy will not be airing next Thursday. Instead, we’ll have to wait until November 6 for episode 11.07 titled “Don’t Let’s Start”. Here is the promo for the next episode.

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