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The screencaps from the most recent episode of Grey’s Anatomy have been added to our gallery. Link is below.

Screencaps > 12.02 – Walking Tall
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On September 25th, Justin attended the ICAN (Inter-Agency Council on Child Abuse and Neglect) hosted Nexus XX Training Conference which was themed “Violence Within the Home and Its Effects on Children.”

An enormous THANK YOU goes out to Grace Becker [@GraceFYD] who kindly and generously shared her pics and video from the conference.

The pics of Justin at the conference have been added to our gallery and the link to the album is below. The woman seated next to Justin is actress/author/advocate Lindsay Wagner and the boy is Mark West who Justin presented an award to (video below).

Nexus XX Training Conference – September 25
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Justin also tweeted about the conference and meeting people from ICAN. Check it out:

This is video of Justin presenting an award at the conference to an extraordinary and adorable 8-year-old named Mark West. The sound isn’t the greatest, so I added subtitles to the video. My apologies if I transcribed something incorrectly!


Promotional material was finally released by ABC for the next two episodes of ‘Grey’s Anatomy.’

For next Thursday’s (October 8) episode of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ titled “I Choose You” we have a synopsis, several promotional stills and BTS pics featuring Justin, the ABC promo and a sneak peek. Check it out:


“I Choose You ” — Maggie reevaluates her life choices after receiving an invitation to her ex-boyfriend’s wedding; Richard questions Bailey’s loyalty, and Jo confides in Stephanie about a secret she’s been keeping from Alex. Meanwhile, Alex struggles with making a difficult decision that will affect the lives of newborn twins, on “Grey’s Anatomy,” THURSDAY, OCTOBER 8 (8:00–9:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network.

Promotional Stills
Promotional Photos > 12.03 – I Choose You
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Sneak Peak

Below is the synopsis for episode 12.04 of Grey’s titled “Old Time Rock ‘n’ Roll.”

“Old Time Rock’n Roll” — Owen suggests the interns learn a vital lesson on how to break bad news to patients’ families, and Arizona’s 90-year-old patient reassures her that she’s destined to find love again. Meanwhile, the sisters completely forget about the dinner party they’re hosting for everyone, on “Grey’s Anatomy,” THURSDAY, OCTOBER 15 (8:00–9:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network.


Camilla Luddington uploaded some new photos of Jolex’s loft to her Instagram, including their gym, Alex’s trophies and Jo’s bedside books. Others photos of Jolex’s loft can be seen here: Behind the Scenes/ On Set > Jolex’s Loft – Set

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Below is a promo for this week’s TGIT lineup and there are a couple of new Grey’s Anatomy scenes.


ABC finally released the synopsis and the promotional stills for this Thursday’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy.
The still featuring Justin and a behind-the-scenes photo of him with director Debbie Allen and cast mates: Jessica Capshaw, Sara Ramirez, Kelly McCreary, Caterina Scorsone, James Pickens Jr., Chandra Wilson, Kevin McKidd and Jesse Williams, have been added to the gallery.

“Walking Tall” – The pressure is on as a determined Bailey tackles her first day as Chief; meanwhile, April’s marriage is in jeopardy and she finds herself unable to address her problems; Meredith struggles to juggle all her responsibilities and Amelia works to define her relationship with Owen, on “Grey’s Anatomy,” THURSDAY, OCTOBER 1 (8:00 – 9:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network.

Promotional Photos > 12.02 – Walking Tall


The screencaps from the season 12 premiere of Grey’s Anatomy have been added to the gallery and the album link is below.

Screencaps > 12.01 – Sledgehammer
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ABC hasn’t released a synopsis for the next Thursday’s episode of Grey’s titled “Walking Tall” but we do have a promo and a sneak peek. Check them out:


Sneak Peek


Season 12 of Grey’s Anatomy has officially begun and Justin got a nice shoutout in a review for the season premiere.

I found it ironic that this episode was titled “Sledgehammer” since I felt pummeled by this heavy-handed plot. These are important issues. Issues that require a nuanced touch, but there was no subtlety here. Callie’s plight was meant to move me. Maggie’s horror stories were meant to move me. In all honestly, it was only Alex’s tale that really seemed authentic instead of contrived and that was due, I think, to the stellar work of Justin Chambers – so often underused and under appreciated.

If you watched the season premiere, you caught a brief glimpse of Jo and Alex’s (Jolex) loft. Set decorator, Nicole Cramer, posted a few pics of it. Check them out at the link below.

Jolex’s Loft – Set
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On Wednesday, Jessica Capshaw did ADR (Automated Dialog Replacement) work for episode 12.03 and posted a pic with the following caption:

Behind the scenes…Took Luke to get some ADR done today. Episode 1203. Just you wait…#JustinChambers is uh-mazing!! #TGIT ONLY ONE MORE DAY TO WAIT!!!

Definitely makes me excited! Grey’s episode 12.03 is titled “I Choose You” and will air on October 8th.

Speaking of episode 12.03, a fan posted this pic with Justin taken back in August when Grey’s was filming on location for that episode.

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