The episode description for the season 12 premiere of Grey’s Anatomy titled “Sledgehammer” was finally released. Check it out:

“Sledgehammer” – Grey Sloan Memorial springs into action to save the lives of two young girls whose powerful story will force some of the doctors to revisit the effects of bullying on their own pasts. Meanwhile, Meredith must adjust to changes at home with her new roommates while Bailey continues to fight for the Chief of Surgery position and Jackson prepares for April’s return to Seattle, on the Season 12 premiere of “Grey’s Anatomy,” THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 24 (8:00–9:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network.

“Grey’s Anatomy” stars Ellen Pompeo as Meredith Grey, Justin Chambers as Alex Karev, Chandra Wilson as Miranda Bailey, James Pickens, Jr. as Richard Webber, Sara Ramirez as Callie Torres, Kevin McKidd as Owen Hunt, Jessica Capshaw as Arizona Robbins, Jesse Williams as Jackson Avery, Sarah Drew as April Kepner, Caterina Scorsone as Amelia Shepherd, Camilla Luddington as Jo Wilson, Jerrika Hinton as Stephanie Edwards, Kelly McCreary as Maggie Pierce and Jason George as Ben Warren.

“Sledgehammer” was written by Stacy McKee and directed by Kevin McKidd.

TV Line answered a fan’s question about what to expect for Jolex in season 12.

Shonda promised it’s finally time for Jolex’s story in season 12 of Grey’s Anatomy. Any hint about what can be their storyline? Thanks! — Ana
Believe it or not, executive producer Shonda Rimes planned to tell a big storyline with them last season, but it had to be sidelined so the show could facilitate Patrick Dempsey’s exit. Therefore, the duo will be stepping more into the spotlight this year. “They’re really cute,” Rhimes says. “I’m enjoying them. We’re watching Alex be more of a man. I also think we’ve been talking about this idea of him being more of a man in everybody’s life in a weird way. He feels a responsibility for Meredith in a brotherly way, and he’s got Jo. There’s a lot of romance going on there. They’re going to be struggling through the problems of any relationship.”

Finally, a very lucky fan got to hang out on the Grey’s set on Saturday (Sept. 12) and took this great pic with director Debbie Allen and the cast which included Jerrika Hinton, Chandra Wilson, Caterina Scorsone, Jessica Capshaw, Jesse Williams, Camilla Luddington, Sarah Drew and, of course, Justin. They are currently filming episode 12.05.

pinch me please ???

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Heads up for ABC viewers:

– ABC will re-air the season 11 finale “You’re My Home” this coming Thursday, September 17 from 8:00 – 9:00 p.m., ET.

– on Friday, September 18 ABC will air a Fall Preview Special from 8:31-9:00 pm, ET. This special will introduce the network’s new fall shows as well as the returning Wednesday night comedies and the TGIT lineup which obviously includes Grey’s Anatomy.

The Insider aired a segment about Shondaland and showed some behind-the-scenes footage from the photo shoot. Watch it below:

A fan snapped this pic with a chill Justin on Friday (Sept. 11).

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I added the Shondaland photo by photographer Nino Muñoz to our gallery along with a couple more BTS pics that were released by People.

Nino Muñoz (BTS Photos by Mark Peterson)
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The scans from People about the Shondaland photo shoot, and the ones from Entertainment Weekly with the group photo and what’s in store for season 12 of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ are at the gallery. The links to the albums are below.

Entertainment Weekly – September 11, 2015
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People – September 14, 2015
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Finally, actress Kerry Washington (Scandal) posted a cool BTS video she recorded from her POV at the photo shoot. There is a good shot of Justin around the 0:24-0:27s mark. ;)

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In the Sept/Oct issue of BELLA New York magazine, Camilla Luddington is interviewed and she tells a cute story about the first time she met Justin on the set of ‘Grey’s Anatomy.’ This is what she said:

A super-fan of “Grey’s,” Luddington was not only excited to join the cast in the role of Dr. Jo Wilson but says she was even more elated to learn her character’s love interest was Alex Karev (played by Justin Chambers). She recalls their first meeting a few days before their first scene together. “Justin stopped by my trailer and broke the ice when he said, ‘I hear you’re my new girlfriend.’” With a similar response, Luddington says he was so sweet in the initial meeting and remembers thinking “thank God he is so nice!”

A member of the Grey’s crew tweeted this behind-the-scenes pic of Justin shooting the scene where Alex gets in a fight with Shane Ross in episode 10.13 “Take It Back.”

A couple of fans spotted Justin on Saturday (Sept. 5) and they took this selfie with him.

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Variety published an article about season 12 of Grey’s Anatomy with some quotes from executive producers Shonda Rhimes and Debbie Allen. It’s an interesting read for those who like spoilers.
Below is an excerpt and the full article can be read at the link.

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 12: More Sex, Romance & Tequila When Show Returns

“Grey’s Anatomy” returns Sept. 24 with its 12th season, and when the new episodes begin, the ABC medical drama is going back to its roots.

Season 11 said goodbye to Patrick Dempsey’s Dr. Derek “McDreamy” Shepherd, and the new season picks up three months after the finale and will be lighter in tone. In fact, romance is in the air for Season 12.

“We’ll just say that we are giving new life to sexy over 50,” Debbie Allen, who plays the newly married Dr. Catherine Avery, tells Variety of her ignited relationship with Dr. Richard Webber (James Pickens Jr). “We have a very hot relationship. Richard has got her busy.”

The newlyweds are just one of the show’s central duos whose love life will be on full display. A source close to the show says there is a lot of dating, flirting and sex in the new episodes, which are a bit of a throwback to the beginning of the series when MDs were regularly shacking up in the on-call rooms, or Mer (Ellen Pompeo) and Der (Dempsey) met via a one-night stand.

Alex (Justin Chambers) and Jo (Camilla Luddington) are living together in their new loft; Owen (Kevin McKidd) and Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) are exploring whether they’re just friends or friends with benefits, which a source close to the show playfully compares to a high school couple making out all the time; and Callie (Sara Ramirez) and Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) are still apart, but their friendship will take on an entirely new level of maturity because they both start dating new people.

James Pickens Jr. who we all know as Dr. Richard Webber, joined Twitter (@therealjpickjr) and Instagram (therealjamespickens) this week and he posted some photo from Wednesday’s table read for Grey’s 250th episode! Below is the photo Justin is in. Check out other photos at James’s Instagram.

Note: Justin’s Instagram is officialjustinchambers. James tagged the wrong account.

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Another awesome surprise today! The casts of Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, How to Get Away with Murder, producers Betsy Beers, Pete Nowalk and, of course, Shonda Rhimes, got together for a Shondaland photo shoot last May that will be featured in Time Inc.’s publications – People, Entertainment Weekly and ESSENCE.
This is the first photo from the shoot (Justin is next to Shonda and behind actress Viola Davis):

According to the press release, these are the release dates and what will be published by each magazine:

EW, ESSENCE, and PEOPLE will each feature a landmark group photo of Rhimes together with the casts of Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, and How to Get Away with Murder, which will be revealed simultaneously on each brand’s website on Sept. 2. EW will also feature a roundtable discussion between Rhimes and the show’s three leading ladies, Ellen Pompeo, Kerry Washington, and Viola Davis. In addition, both EW and ESSENCE will roll out multiple covers featuring various Shondaland cast members, which will be revealed exclusively each Thursday on ABC’s Good Morning America, kicking off on Sept. 3 and leading up to the Sept. 24 TGIT season premieres:

· Entertainment Weekly: Four (4) covers hit newsstands 9/4

· ESSENCE: Six (6) covers hit newsstands 9/10

· PEOPLE: Feature story hits newsstands 9/4

EW also described what will be in their feature here -> Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, How to Get Away With Murder casts unite for epic Shondaland photo

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ABC has unveiled its awesome new promo for the TGIT (Thank God It’s Thursday) lineup and it features Justin! In it he’s interacting with his Grey’s Anatomy co-star, Camilla Luddington. The promo also features Ellen Pompeo, Sara Ramirez, Caterina Scorsone and Kelly McCreary from Grey’s and cast members from the other TGIT shows – Scandal and How to Get Away with Murder.

I added some screencaps of Justin from the promo to our gallery. The link to the album is below.

TGIT Promo #1 Screencaps
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Now press play and check out ABC’s fun new TGIT promo!

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