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Here’s an interview with Fox Life Greece that Justin gave while at the 54th Monte Carlo Television Festival this past June.

Ahead of the season premiere of Grey’s Anatomy tomorrow night, Camilla Luddington gave an interview to Fox 11 LA where she discusses the story line her character is involved in at the beginning of season which naturally includes Alex. She also briefly mentions Justin. The interview can be watched at myfoxla.com

She also gave an interview to TV Line which can be read in its entirety at the following link: http://tvline.com/2014/09/24/greys-anatomy-season-11-camilla-luddington-jo-alex-meredith/. Below is the part that mentions Alex.

TVLINE | And what fresh drama awaits Jo?
Well, Meredith is leaning on Alex as her new “person,” because Cristina’s gone and he is the last remaining original intern. And — because I was trying to think back about this – I think Jo’s never actually witnessed that relationship before and the depth of it and how, with all of that gang, there were kind of no boundaries. It was like a family. So she sees that and is kind of taken aback, Grey’s Anatomy Meredith Alexand is jealous, and doesn’t really know what to do. She wants to play it cool, but Meredith kind of wedges herself right into that relationship. It makes for some drama, but it makes for funny moments, too.

TVLINE | Is Jo jealous of the amount of time Alex is spending with Meredith, the quality of the time, the intensity…?
All of the above, all of it. I mean, if I was in that situation, I would have a fight about it because it’s way too much. But of course, for [Alex and Mer] it’s normal. He’s the person that Meredith wants to talk to constantly and Jo’s thinking, “Where has my boyfriend gone?”

TVLINE | What’s Jo’s take on what Cristina left for Alex? Is she like, “You hit the jackpot”? That it’s a sign for him to come back to the hospital?
Jo has that competitive nature in her, so it’s all about Team Alex, which you kind of get in the first episode. She thinks [joining the board] is the right thing to do, because Alex did have reservations about the job with “Dr. Butthole,” but he needed the money because he’s not very good at keeping up with his bills, as Jo discovered, horrified. To get on the board and be back at Grey Sloan would be the best of both worlds. Whether he gets on the board… you guys will have to find out.

TVLINE | On a scale of 1 to 10, where would you put their relationship right now?

It’s kind of not been addressed yet, so I would say maybe a 5 or a 6.

TVLINE | Wow, really?
Because these two aren’t very good at communication. We know this. I mean, they really have to get it together. Jo really doesn’t want to have “that conversation” with him and there are episodes where she says, “Hey, I need some time with you.” She wants to play it cool, but that never helps.

TVLINE | OK, enough about Alex. Is Jo feeling any solidarity with Stephanie, the other “surviving” member of Season 9’s intern class?
Actually, in the couple of scenes they have together, they’re very competitive, believing they now have a chance to stand out. They’ve seen someone fired, so it’s like, “OK, I really have to step it up or else I’m going to go too.” [Leah getting fired] kind of lit a fire under them. Except Jo also does kind of lean on Stephanie as a sounding board for her relationship with Alex.


&#9733 A heads up for those who may be interested in watching – on Thursday, September 18, Robin Roberts from “Good Morning America” will be visiting the set of Grey’s Anatomy as well as Shonda Rhimes’ other shows. GMA airs from 7:00-9:00 a.m. ET on ABC.

&#9733 I have gathered the season 11 Alex-related spoilers in a thread at the forum. You can see them HERE

&#9733 In the Sept. 22nd edition of ‘Us Weekly’ there’s a Grey’s Anatomy preview with a brief mention of Alex. I added a scan of the preview to our gallery. Click on the image for the album.


ABC posted the press release for the season 11 premiere of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ titled “I Must Have Lost It On The Wind”. Read on to see what awaits us on Thursday, September 25th.


Guest Starring Academy Award Winner Geena Davis (“Thelma and Louise”), Kelly McCreary (“Dr. Emily Owens, MD”) and Jason George (“Mistresses”)

“I Must Have Lost It On The Wind” – With Cristina gone, a new doctor, Maggie Pierce (Kelly McCreary), making the rounds and Derek wanting to move to Washington DC, Meredith struggles to regain a sense of normalcy both at home and in the hospital. Meanwhile, Callie and Arizona come to a decision about surrogacy, Amelia overhears a big secret, Bailey realizes she will have to fight Alex for Cristina’s board seat and a freak accident causes two teenagers to be caught in a very compromising position, on the Season Eleven premiere of “Grey’s Anatomy,” THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 25 (NEW TIME 8:00-9:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network.

“Grey’s Anatomy” stars Ellen Pompeo as Meredith Grey, Patrick Dempsey as Derek Shepherd, Justin Chambers as Alex Karev, Chandra Wilson as Miranda Bailey, James Pickens, Jr. as Richard Webber, Sara Ramirez as Callie Torres, Kevin McKidd as Owen Hunt, Jessica Capshaw as Arizona Robbins, Jesse Williams as Jackson Avery, Sarah Drew as April Kepner, Caterina Scorsone as Amelia Shepherd, Camilla Luddington as Jo Wilson, and Jerrika Hinton as Stephanie Edwards.

“I Must Have Lost It On The Wind” was written by Stacy McKee and directed by Kevin McKidd.

Here’s another promo with Justin promoting ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ on Belgium’s VIJF TV channel .


Back in April I posted about Justin winning the PRISM Award for ‘Male Performance in a Drama Series Multi-Episode Storyline’ at the 18th Annual PRISM Awards that were held in Los Angeles at the Skirball Cultural Center.

I posted some photos of Justin on the red carpet and accepting his award (added a couple more to EVENT ALBUM ) and now the award ceremony will start airing on TV.

The PRISM Showcase will premiere on FX this Saturday, September 6th at 12 p.m. ET/PT, with an encore airing at 2 a.m. ET/PT.

Additional airings can be seen on PIVOT on September 7th at 2 p.m. ET/ 11 a.m. PT and on RLTV on September 11th at 10 p.m. ET/ 7 p.m. PT. For complete airing schedules, please check your local listings or PRISMawards.com.

What else is new? The season 11 poster for ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ is up at The Hollywood Reporter. But better yet, we got another photo from the set where Justin, Ellen Pompeo and Jerrika Hinton were shooting a surgery scene this Friday for episode 11.04.


On Thursday, Jerrika Hinton, who plays Stephanie Edwards on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’, tweeted that she was about to shoot an elevator scene with Justin (they are currently shooting episode 11.04). A while later she posted the following photo on Instagram.


ABC finally aired a promo for season 11 of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ with new footage. Check it out below.

Also, the featurette “An Immeasurable Gift: Sandra Oh” from the Grey’s season 10 DVD set has been uploaded to Youtube.


TV Line posted a few spoilers about season 11 of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ and included the first episode still featuring Justin and Ellen Pompeo. If you don’t want to know any spoilers, you’ll want to skip the rest of this update.

TV Line: Fall TV Spoilers 2014 – Grey’s Anatomy

The matter of Derek and Meredith’s seemingly at-odds career paths will continue to intensify. “Derek is not wrong for wanting what he wants, and Meredith is not wrong for wanting what she wants,” explains series creator Shonda Rhimes. “It doesn’t make him a misogynist because he wants to follow his career. And it doesn’t make her wrong for wanting to stick to her guns and fight for what she wants to do. It puts them in a difficult position.” Between the marital woes, the “very interesting” complications triggered by the reveal of her surprise half-sister Maggie and the recent loss of her “person” Cristina, Mer will be on the prowl for a new shoulder to lean on. Enter Alex. “They’ve always had a very close relationship that didn’t need a lot of work because they had a million other people there,” she notes. “Now it’s just the two of them; they become closer out of necessity.” Callie and Arizona’s foray into surrogacy “brings up some issues,” while April and Jackson brace for their own new arrival later in the season — although how much later remains in flux, in light of Sarah Drew’s real-life pregnancy. “[Sarah] is more pregnant than April, so we have some math we’re trying to figure out,” shares Rhimes. “But we are not accelerating [April’s pregnancy]. We already have the first part of our season planned, and nobody’s giving birth in the first nine episodes.”

BONUS SPOILER | Rumor has it sparks will indeed fly between Owen and Amelia (newly-minted series regular Caterina Scorsone).

RETURN DATE | Thursday, Sept. 25 at 8/7c (ABC)

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