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I had posted some fan pics of Justin in Paris, France in previous updates. Here are a few more of him there last week (click on the thumbnails to see the pics at the source).

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On June 20, Justin left Paris and arrived in Rome, Italy. Here are several pics of him in Rome with fans.

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After Rome, the next stop was Naples, Italy where he arrived on June 23rd. Check out these pics from Naples.

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Justin’s Parisian vacation continues and yesterday he was spotted at the Centre Pompidou. Here are a couple of Instagram pics.

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Also, this childhood pic of Justin with his twin brother Jason was posted on Justin’s Twitter as a throwback Thursday pic.

Edit: For some reason the original pic was deleted, but I posted it on the site’s Twitter.


Justin is in Paris, France at the moment. A few pics of him have been posted on social media like this one at the airport after he had arrived this Tuesday.


Later on, he had lunch at the restaurant Loup Paris and a couple more pics were posted.

A photo posted by Loup Paris (@loup_paris) on


For those who might not be aware yet, the video archive has been reopened. It’s still a work in progress and I’ll be adding more videos over time, but there are quite a few already up. Check them out at jchambersmedia.com

In an interview with Line Magazine, actress Camilla Luddington (Jo Wilson on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’) briefly mentions Justin.

What are some of your best on-set experiences you’ve had with your fellow Grey’s cast mates? Who makes you laugh the most?

Camilla: In general Jessica Capshaw makes me laugh the most. We always have a hard time getting through scenes because I will find something hilarious that she does. A stand-out memory for me… there’s a period where Jo and Alex tease their romance for an entire season. The first kiss was very special to me cause I was rooting for them all season. They are best friends on the show. Justin Chambers and I would even ask the writers, “When are Alex and Jo getting together? We know they’re meant to be together!” It was a really great memory. I loved that moment for her.

Camilla’s full interview can be read at line-mag.com

Several fans crossed paths with Justin while he’s been spending time in NY. Click on the thumbnails of the fans’ pics to see them at the source.

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ABC has announced its Fall premiere dates and ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ season 12 will premiere on Thursday, September 24! The TGIT lineup will continue next season meaning Grey’s will be on at 8pm, Scandal at 9pm and How to Get Away With Murder at 10pm. Other premiere dates can be seen at TV Line.

Actor Luca Calvani, who will next be seen in the upcoming movie “The Man from U.N.C.L.E.” mentions Justin in an interview.

How did you get into acting?

Luca: When I first moved to New York in the 90’s, I worked in the textile business, and I also modeled. After four years, a friend of mine, Justin Chambers, who went on to “Grey’s Anatomy”, suggested that I take an acting class.

The rest of the interview can be read at the following link: A Conversation with Actor Luca Calvani

This year marks the 40th anniversary of designer Giorgio Armani starting the Armani brand. As part of celebrating the history of the brand, the Armani Instagram uploaded a photo of Justin from the 1993 issue of Emporio Armani magazine.

Lastly, a fan took a pic with Justin on Wednesday.


I added an interview Justin gave to magazine Télé DH. It’s an interview he gave in June 2014 while he was in Belgium as part of the ABC European Press tour, but it was only published recently.

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The interview is in french so I added an english translation below. Keep in mind that the interview was given before he started shooting season 11 of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’.

“The end of Grey’s Anatomy doesn’t scare me!”

Interview with Justin Chambers, the seductive Dr. Alex Karev, who today serves as a survivor…

“I’m not afraid that the show will stop. I think that everything has an end. I don’t necessarily plan on doing this for the rest of my life!” A few months ago, in Brussels, we met Justin Chambers, who lends his features as the attractive, slightly mad dog, Dr. Alex Karev. A charming smile pasted on his lips at the end of his sentences, the actor has been present in the show since the first episode was still unaware that he would become … the survivor. But this possible fate didn’t seem to worry this father of a blossomed family too much…

“The creator of GA has always said that she wanted to go as far as ‘ER’… That is, until the fifteenth season. Obviously, it’s important to see how viewers react to each departure. But there is still so much story to tell with other interesting characters, I think it’s possible. It may well last until season 15. Me, I’m happy to be signed until season 12. I put money aside! (laughs) I can explore other things. I look forward to it, even if a bit scared!”

His secret to looking 30 years old while he’s 44?
“I’ve always looked younger. One day, I’m sure it will catch up with me! “

Are you satisfied with the development of your character, Alex Karev, over the last 10 years?
“Yes, he’s gone through so many things! The guy got shot, he almost died, he got married, his wife (Izzie) nearly died of cancer, he had a relationship with a schizophrenic person… We can say that he experienced quite a lot of ordeals! And now, I think he has found the person who suits him (Jo)… All of that is great to play.”

“I’m signed until season 12. I have put money aside. (laughs) I’m ready to explore other things… “

When you want your character to move in one direction or the other, can you make suggestions to the writer?
“Yes, of course! Sometimes they take our pinions… But often they don’t take them! (laughs) There are so many characters that one change can impact other characters. And then, it’s still fun for us to open up the script. We are the first viewers! In reading, we say: ‘What? But no, it’s not possible!’ But they know what they’re doing…”

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Below is a new interview Justin gave to Télé Star while at the Monte Carlo Television Festival last year. Take into account that at the time Justin had wrapped season 10 and hadn’t started shooting season 11 yet.

The questions in the video are written in french, and since many fans might not know the language, I translated them.

Télé Star met with Justin Chambers (Grey’s Anatomy)
How will the relationship between Jo and Alex evolve?
You have been on the show since the beginning. What makes you want to continue?
And then, you have to feed your family of 5 children!
Chyler Leigh left due to work schedules which interfered with her family life. How do you handle this?
It’s hard to believe that you have a child in college!
What did you think of the return of Isaiah Washington (Preston Burke)?
So many characters have left the series. When receiving the script, do you check the end to see if your character didn’t die?
Do you think Grey’s could last as long as ER?
Are things different now that Shonda has several shows on TV?
And you’re still not on Twitter!

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