TV Guide posted a new interview where Justin discusses the possibility of Alex leaving Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital and joining a private practice. Read on to see what he has to say.

Grey’s Anatomy: Will Alex Really Leave Grey Sloan Memorial?

Could another doctor say farewell to the hallowed halls of Grey Sloan Memorial before the end of Grey’s Anatomy’s tenth season? With the mounting pressure of his student loans soon being due, Alex (Justin Chambers) might be swayed to join Dr. Butthole’s (Patrick Fabian) private practice.

“This is somebody who Alex [is] taken by what’s going on with his life,” Chambers tells TVGuide.com. “This guy is still young. He’s got cars, a nice office and a good job. What he does is easy. He could do it blindfolded. Alex thinks, ‘Wow, maybe I could do this. I still have all these loans. I’m broke. Maybe I need to start possibly thinking of joining a private practice.’ He’s starting to see that he could maybe profit a little more than he has and also still be able to do charitable and humanitarian things that he’s been doing as a doctor.”

But that decision won’t come lightly. After all, Alex is part of the original Fab Five of interns whose careers have been defined by their time at the hospital formerly known as Seattle Grace. And if his emotional ties won’t keep him at the hospital, then his mentor Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) certainly will try. “I do not think she will let him go very easily,” Capshaw says. “Just flashback to the fact that he was supposed to be on the plane. He can’t have had her go on the plane and then go off with Dr. Butthole, that’s not going to go down well for her.

Still, Alex considering taking the job is “justified,” Chambers says. “Especially now that he’s in a relationship, he has a home now, maybe he wants to start a family and he wants to pay off these debts, he might want the money.”

Would you miss Alex if he left Grey Sloan?

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Nominees for the 18th Annual Prism Awards were announced this morning and Justin has been nominated in the Male Performance in a Drama Series Multi-Episode Storyline category. Winners will be announced during a ceremony on April 22, 2014 at the Skirball Center.

The PRISM Awards honor TV, movie, music, online, and comic book entertainment that accurately depicts drug, alcohol and tobacco use and addiction, as well as mental health issues.

Other Grey’s Anatomy nominees include James Remar (in the same category as Justin), Chandra Wilson and the multi-episode storylines depicting substance abuse (Alex’s father) and mental health (Bailey’s OCD).

This is Justin’s third PRISM award nomination after earning nominations in 2008 and 2009. Below are the nominees in Justin’s category. The full list of nominations can be seen at PRWEB.COM

Male Performance in a Drama Series Multi-Episode Storyline
Justin Chambers, Grey’s Anatomy
LL Cool J, NCIS: Los Angeles
Jonny Lee Miller, Elementary
Eric Christian Olsen, NCIS: Los Angeles
James Remar, Grey’s Anatomy

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Ahead of tonight’s new episode of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’, TV Guide posted a new interview with Justin and his co-star Camilla Luddington. Read what they had to say about Alex and Jo and what’s coming for them.

Grey’s Anatomy: Are Alex and Jo Really Going to Break Up?

For a hospital that has been dominated by on-call room romps and various hookups, it should come as no surprise that the new rule barring superiors from dating their subordinates will cause quite a stir at Grey Sloan Memorial. We’ll learn during Thursday’s Grey’s Anatomy that this is especially difficult for Alex (Justin Chambers) and Jo (Camilla Luddington), who, because they’re not married, are technically no longer allowed to date.

“They’re dealing with it horribly,” Luddington tells TVGuide.com from the set of the ABC medical drama. “It’s really jarring. They think it’s completely hypocritical. Jo is on damage control. She wants to do anything in her power that she can to make sure that she and Alex can still be together, but the powers that be make it extremely difficult for that to happen.”

If you caught the promo for this week’s Grey’s, it seems like Alex and Jo are headed for a big breakup, but that could be deceiving. In fact, Chambers says Alex will work to hang onto the one good thing in his life. “Commitment phobias are still [there],” Chambers says and explains that the rule will force them to really look towards the future. “I think they make a great couple and complement each other.

“She’s very careful with her relationships,” Luddington adds. “It took her a long time to even let Alex know that she liked him and had those feelings. Even then, she was wary about keeping it as friends because she felt like she’d ruin stuff.”

But Alex finally confronting his father has made him a better man, one who wants to take the next step with Jo, as evidenced by his impromptu proposal before April’s (Sarah Drew) wedding. “Alex realizes that he was better off that his dad wasn’t part of his life because maybe he wouldn’t have become a working professional if he was always picking up after his dad,” Chambers says. “That was a really mature realization for him. I think it helps that he’s in a more stable relationship with Jo. They’re there for each other. That stability has given him more of an insight on how to handle things. We’re going to see him mature. Jo is making him more responsible.

However, Jo might not be so mature when she blames Stephanie (Jerrika Hinton) as the culprit behind the lawsuit that birthed the new rule at the hospital. “Jo assumes by process of elimination that it’s Stephanie because of everything that happened with April and Jackson [Jesse Williams],” Luddington says. “She feels betrayed a little bit by her friend. Jo feels like there haven’t been many good relationships in her life, so Alex is someone who is beyond special to her. It’s not just a boyfriend that she’s in love with. For someone to potentially threaten that in a way that she feels is selfish, ridiculous and over the top, she feels betrayed. She’s really upset. She’s a little vicious about it almost.”

Do you think Alex and Jo will last?

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&#9733 I added a few pics of Justin at last Sunday’s WordTheatre performance benefiting Campbell Hall’s Endowment Fund. Click on the link.

WordTheatre presents The Road Ahead: A Cheer for Education – February 23

&#9733 I forgot to link to the following articles in a previous update so I’m going to do it now. Sorry about that.

TV Guide posted a piece previewing each character’s story at the beginning of the second half of season 10. This is bit for Alex Karev with Justin’s quotes:

Alex Karev (Justin Chambers)
Alex will not be a happy camper when he returns to the hospital to learn Shane has all but mutilated his father (James Remar). “Alex is dealing with his father and whether he’s going to live or not live,” Chambers says. “Shane had taken over the surgery in a very unprofessional way, so that’s where he’s at. It’s interesting to see Alex finally confront his father and all the issues they’ve had.” That new rule will also affect Alex’s relationship with Jo, who is still just a resident, but she might not be his resident for much longer.

Source: TV Guide

&#9733 Justin’s Grey’s Anatomy co-star, Camilla Luddington mentioned Justin in an interview she gave the other week.

Like you said, Alex practically proposes, and confesses his love to Jo. He says he wants kids and a life with her. Do you think all of that will happen? Do you think they could make it work?
Yeah, I think I do sort of see that future for them, I think that for Jo though it’s just way, way too early. I think that’s something she takes very seriously and I think from her point of view she grew up without any parents so she never really saw a good, happy, married couple. She never grew up in that family unit, so for her I think it’s territorial just a little bit. And it’s not something she takes lightly, I mean I think she wants to get married I just think it’s not right now. But I can see them somewhere down the line doing that. I mean Justin (Chambers) and I even joke sometimes that they’ll get married and they’ll end up ordering pizza that night, and that’s how they’ll celebrate and it will just be so them. But I just think it’s not right now, and also I feel like that proposal came out of a place of Alex feeling overwhelmed by everything that was going on and I think in those moments, yes your true feelings come out, and I do think he loves her and wants those things with her but I think that she feels like he may not have quite that declaration in that way, had his dad been okay.

Source: The TV Addict

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I haven’t done one of these in a while but now is the time. Several things popped up over the last week so I’m just going to make one big post with all of it.

&#9733 In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Justin and Camilla Luddington discuss whether they think Alex and Jo have what it takes to last. Below is an excerpt with Justin’s quotes, but I recommend reading the full article.

‘Grey’s Anatomy’: Are Alex and Jo Meant for Each Other?

“Sometimes it’s not about opposites attracting; sometimes you need to be cut from the same cloth to move forward,” Chambers told The Hollywood Reporter. “I think that they understand each other really well and she adds an excitement to him, a spark.”

While Jo pushed hard for Alex to make amends with his father — going so far as to risk her relationship when she pushed Alex closer to his dear old dad — Chambers says the best thing about the pairing is that they don’t try to change each other.

“She’s his voice of reason,” Chambers says of how Jo has stood by him after his estranged junkie father resurfaced. “She’s trying to save him; she gives him advice and is there for him to play devil’s advocate on what he needs to think about.”

&#9733 Cartermatt.com posted its Grey’s Anatomy Midseason Report Card and states that Justin is one of this season’s shining stars.

The shining stars – To us, the big winners of season 10 so far are Sandra Oh, Justin Chambers, and guest star James Remar. Seeing Alex’s father has completely added that new dimension to the character, and allowed him an outlet to channel some of that rage that’s been building up for so long.

&#9733 Yahoo TV named Alex and Jo’s kiss in the season 9 finale as one of The 20 Hottest TV Hookups of 2013

12. Out of the Friend Zone, Into the Fire: Alex and Jo, “Grey’s Anatomy”
These hot docs are just good buddies — until Alex realizes that he’s in love with his beautiful intern. After Jo gets into a brawl with her boyfriend and Alex helps her, they finally address their feelings for each other and share a passionate kiss in the on-call room.

&#9733 TV Overmind listed the Top TV Couples of 2013 and Alex and Jo made their list.

11. Alex and Jo (Grey’s Anatomy) — I’m extremely behind on Grey’s Anatomy this season (I’ve only seen the first two episodes), but I will say that during Grey’s very “meh” season nine, watching Alex and Jo go from friends to more than friends was a pure joy to watch. The insistence between the pair that there was nothing more between them than an almost brother-sister connection could be seen through by almost all the Grey’s characters (and the entire audience), but that didn’t make watching the two of them dance around their feelings, dealing with everything from abusive boyfriends leaving black eyes to trees falling through houses during a super storm, any less enjoyable.

&#9733 Last, but certainly not least, Camilla posted a pic with Justin from the set of Grey’s Anatomy yesterday. Today was the last day of work for the show’s cast and crew before the holiday break. Production resumes on Jan 6th.

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&#9733 In an interview with TV Line, Camilla Luddington spoke about the events in this week’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy and also what is coming for “Jolex”. Here is an excerpt from the interview:

TVLINE | Were you on the edge of seat when you first read that final scene, where she’s at Alex’s doorstep? When a couple has a door between them, it could always slam in someone’s face.
It was hard for me, these past two episodes, because I really just feel for Jo. Usually when we’re not filming a scene, we’re not present, but I went and watched the scene that Justin [Chambers] and James Remar filmed in the bar. Because when I read it, it was so heartbreaking and I wanted to see how it went. I felt really invested in both Jo and Alex’s journey with this storyline, so by the time it got to the door [scene], I myself was almost exhausted. I felt like she was again putting it all on the line, but I remember saying to the director, “I don’t want her to be upset. I don’t want her to play it that way. I really feel like, at this point, she feels like she’s done everything she can.” But it’s always scary because I was like, “He’s really not even gonna open the door to her?” And they’re like, “No. He’s keeping it closed.” And that made it so difficult, as she stood there in this costume. There’s something so vulnerable about it to me.

TVLINE | Alex letting her in… Do you feel that’s the biggest hurdle they’ve cleared so far?
That’s an interesting question…. I would say yes. In their relationship, yes. Obviously, the biggest hurdle was admitting that they had feelings for each other. But again, this situation was taxing, because they’re both horrible at communication.

TVLINE | It was almost more of a test than a hurdle. Like, will he let her be there for him in that way?
Yes — and I think the door was obviously symbolic of him literally letting her in. And I don’t feel like Jo has been like this ever in a relationship either. There was a point last week where he says to me in the elevator, “It’s none of your business.” I remember discussing it with the director and thinking, “I would just be like, ‘We’re done.’ I would text him and say, ‘You can’t talk to me like that.’ Even Justin was sort of like, “Wow. He’s giving her such a hard time.” It was almost difficult to play, but I loved it because I feel as if her showing up is something she’s never done in the past. I think she’s thinking that he won’t open the door. I think she’s thinking that it will not fix things, but she just has to say it. I saw that as Jo progressing herself in a relationship.

To read Camilla’s full interview with TV Line, click on the link -> Grey’s Anatomy Post Mortem: Camilla Luddington Weighs In on Alex’s Decision, Future of ‘JoLex’

&#9733 The screencaps from this week’s episode “Thriller” have been added to the gallery. Click on the link.

Screencaps > 10.07 – Thriller

&#9733Below is the promo for next Thursday’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy titled “Two Against One”.

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&#9733 Last night’s 200th episode of Grey’s Anatomy marked a big moment for Justin’s character, Alex Karev. The Hollywood Reporter posted an article where Justin, actors James Remar and Camilla Luddington, and Grey’s creator Shonda Rhimes weighed in on what’s next for Alex.

I won’t post the whole article because it’s rather long but you can click on the link for the full story. Here’s an excerpt:

‘Grey’s Anatomy’: How Will Alex Handle His Father’s Return?

Prepare to really get to know Alex Karev on ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy.

After 10 seasons, the medical drama has introduced Alex’s (Justin Chambers) estranged father — currently known as “Junkie Jake” (Dexter’s James Remar), who arrived at Grey Sloan Memorial after a heroin-induced car crash.

[…]”We’re going to learn a lot about Alex’s past and about where he is now,” showrunner Shonda Rhimes tells THR of the upcoming arc. “He’s been a character who has really struggled with his own morality and being a good guy or not being a good guy. He’s gotten really successful at that, and it’s going to be interesting whether he backslides in the face of having his dad here or not.

[…]Chambers notes that the details of Alex’s childhood that will come up during the story line will highlight just how much he’s had to overcome, which will make his accomplishments that much more impressive.

I’m surprised Alex got through all that and became a doctor,” Chambers says. “That’s fairly impressive, and that’s inspiring for people because you can come from a messed up background and still overcome that and become better for it. Alex turned around and became a better man from it. He still has a lot to learn.

I added a larger version of the pic of Justin and James Remar to our gallery. Click on the link for the behind-the-scenes pics from last night’s episode from The Hollywood Reporter.

Promotional Photos > 10.04 – Puttin’ on the Ritz

&#9733 TV Guide has a fun Grey’s Anatomy photo set where all the cast members tell us how they joined the show. Below is Justin’s story but the other stories can be seen at the following link: Grey’s Anatomy Hits 200 Episodes

Justin Chambers — Alex Karev
“They had shot the pilot a year before it aired. They felt they needed to tinker with it a little more. I had done a pilot for ABC, [Secret Service], that didn’t get picked up. They liked what I did in that, and they brought me in to do a screen test with Ellen. I guess they felt they needed a jerk, so they brought in this jerk. It worked out.”

&#9733 The screencaps from episode 10.04 “Puttin’ on the Ritz” have been added to the gallery. Click on the link for the album.

10.04 – Puttin’ on the Ritz

&#9733 This is the promo for next Thursday’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy titled “I Bet It Stung”

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