2011 Outside Lands Music Festival - Sighting story

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2011 Outside Lands Music Festival - Sighting story

Postby Diana » Wed Mar 20, 2013 11:20 pm

I'm trying to clear out some bookmarks on my laptop because it's gotten to the point where it's hard to find the bookmark I want because there are so many of them. Anyway, I came across this story that I had bookmarked and I'm going to post it here. It's from the Outside Lands Music Festival (san Francisco) in August 2011. It sounds like it's legit since I recall there were other people who said they spotted Justin there and I believe I once saw a fanpic but I can't find it now.

Posting only the relevant Justin part but the whole post can be read at Day 217: August 14th, 2011

In between sets in order to entertain myself I would people watch and tell Ry that random famous people are walking around (finding people who shared qualities with famous people haha), this backfired on me when I swear I saw this dude from Grey’s Anatomy. My mom wasn’t around to confirm this and Ry of course didn’t believe me but I knew I was right, I’ve been wrong in thinking someone was famous before so I needed that second opinion ahaha. Today I saw the same guy and luckily my mom was around to tell me if I was right or what, at the time she said I was wrong but when I got back from charging my phone a couple hours later she said I was right…WIN! I felt so bad for the guy…everyone was hounding him for a photo/ to talk with him and all he wanted to do was enjoy the show with his wife and kid. He sat outside the VIP tent almost directly in front of me on the bleachers of the polo field while watching Arcade Fire (the last act of the night), it was sad watching people walk by before the show and just keep their eyes glued to him and telling everyone he was there while trying to get a seat next to him. Ewww, sorry for all the grammer mistakes in that last sentence, I’m not perfect. We decided to leave during Arcade Fire, my mom had the idea to offer our table and chairs to him and his family. He came up to me and Ry to say “Thank you” in one of the most genuine tones I’ve ever heard, what a nice guy. According to wikipedia his name is Justin Chambers and is a former Calvin Klein male model LOL. Pretty amazing way to end the weekend.

I think Justin is probably used to people recognizing him and approaching him. It comes with the territory of being on a TV show. However, I feel bad when it's excessive especially when he's with his family and just wants to chill out and enjoy a concert. :?

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