Your Justin Story

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Your Justin Story

Postby Josie » Tue Feb 07, 2012 2:23 pm

I would be interested in how and why everyone around here became a fan of Justin. What was the first thing you ever saw him in?

So I'll start and share my story.

Like most people, I became a fan of Justin because of Grey's Anatomy. But I have to say that I knew him before the show even started. I knew him from that one musketeer movie he did in 2001. It may not be the greatest movie but at least Justin made some sort of impression on me, so that I remembered him when I saw him on Grey's Anatomy as "the guy from the musketeer movie". Oddly enough, I didn't know for the longest time that it was also Justin who played Massimo in The Wedding Planner.

Anyway, on Grey's Anatomy Alex is clearly my most favourite character and that has to say something because for the first 4 seasons I had no favourite character at all. I just enjoyed the storylines and I liked almost all the characters equally. But in season 5 he won me over. And now I'm a complete Alex-fangirl. Which is also kind of sad because in my opinion they underuse that character big time. There is so much potential but the writers just don't give Alex good storylines anymore :x . So it was a lot easier for me to watch the show when all the characters meant the same to me. It certainly was less disappointing.

Now, I'm looking forward to see Justin Chambers in other things and I'm really happy that he will be seen in Broken City.

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Re: Your Justin Story

Postby BloodyMary » Wed Feb 08, 2012 8:38 pm

The First Thing I saw him in was The Wedding Planner. But, like you, I didn't know that it was him.

So I really recognized him when I started to watch Greys Anatomy (which was in 2006 or so, i think). I didn't really like his character back then (actually hated the character), the only thing I liked about him was that he was hot. :mrgreen: But 2 years ago that all changed. I felt in love with him, rewatched all Seasons in the Summer, and that led to my Alex-Obsession.
Yay. :-D
I'd say the only reason why I still watch Greys Anatomy, is because of him and because I have somehow, the crazy hope that he'll get a storyline. Someday. So much potential! Such a great Actor! And we get almost nothing.

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Re: Your Justin Story

Postby *crppier » Sat Feb 11, 2012 8:14 am

The first time I knew Justin was The Wedding Planner, and I really believe he is an italian.

Until I saw him on GA, I knew he is american. Alex definitely is my fav role in GA, but I love Justin more than Alex. :)

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Re: Your Justin Story

Postby Diana » Sun Feb 12, 2012 3:43 am

The first thing I saw Justin in would have been something related to his modeling. But the first role I truly remember seeing him in was probably 'The Wedding Planner'. I remember watching the movie and thinking the actor playing the italian guy was cuter than Matthew McConaughey and also thinking J-Lo's character was dumb to go for a guy who would cheat/drop his fiancée like that and not give the italian guy a chance. :lol:

But I really took notice and became a fan I think with GA. There was so much hype around the show and all the McDreamy stuff. So, I gave the show a try back in season 1 and I was like, 'Forget about McDreamy, it's all about Karev!" :lol: I've always found the character of Alex Karev the most interesting one on the show and Justin is, ahem, easy on the eyes. ;)

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Re: Your Justin Story

Postby Mai » Tue Feb 14, 2012 8:58 pm

Diana wrote: 'Forget about McDreamy, it's all about Karev!"

Yeah, I never got the big deal about McDreamy. For me Alex is much hotter and more desirable and dreamy than Derek :lol:

I first knew Justin from GA...

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