Other Rules and Regulations

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Other Rules and Regulations

Postby fay » Tue Feb 14, 2012 10:09 am

When you sign up, you agree to some general forum rules and regs that are standard for any forum. However, due to current spam issues and sometimes haters (non so far) we need extra rules. So, any user that is seen to have not followed the following rules (without notifying an admin, beforehand) will be deleted, along with all your posts...No questions asked.

- The Forum is currently an english speaking forum. This does not mean that we are all fluent english speakers, or that if we see any word that is not english you will be banned. We welcome all users. However, full posts of non-english text, that does not make any sense, or could be seen as advertising a product etc. Will be deleted.
- A user must not post any advertising links to pharmasuticals, sports, porn, fake clothing/accessories etc. will be deleted.
- A user must not posts post any nude (other than of the forum subject), or offensive images
- A users signature or website listed on their profile, must not list a website that may be deemed as spam.

Finally, admin users (fay and diana) have the final say. Moderators cannot delete members, members should be passed on to the admins, who will take appropriate action.

-14th February 2012

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