The 4 1/2 year version

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The 4 1/2 year version

Postby fay » Mon Feb 13, 2012 4:18 pm

so we are in our 4 1/2 years online, and very soon i will be launching a new version. I still have quite alot to add, and things to update etc. Below is a list of things im doing, updating, done (but you might not be able to see)

New layouts (main site and videos) - ordered
update current projects
filmography - first stage done
charities - found two charities so far, page will include links to main charity site (also to be included on side bar)
magazine ography (half finished, just need to add links, and more info
update greys info - Done..mostly (history, quotes, smooches,
press archive - Done and slowly adding articles
quotes - Done
update justin info - DONE (awards, facts, bio, fanmail, biography, over the years, quotes)
forum - DONE
smooches - Done, got more to add
considered and dropped projects -to finish

I was wondering if anyone knew of any more sections you wanted......

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