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We’re days away from the September 26th season premiere of Grey’s Anatomy, and we’ve got a bit more footage and news about Alex Karev in season 16.

★ In an interview with E!, showrunner Krista Vernoff mentions Justin and talks about what’s ahead of Alex. Check out what she had to say before and read the full interview at the link.

Grey’s Anatomy Season 16 Is About the Consequences Of the Romantic Comedy

Richard and Alex: Richard and Alex may not have exactly committed the same crime Mer did, but they’re fired for knowing about it. This results in both comedy and drama. 
“Jim [Pickens] and Justin [Chambers] are very funny this season, and it’s not just comedy. This show lives in that dramedy place, so there are dramatic ramifications and consequences, particularly for Richard. It’s a dramatic shift to be fired from the place that you’ve worked all these years, and to have your wife sit by and not do anything about you being fired. So there are dramatic consequences for sure, but there’s a lot of comedy surrounding it.”

Jo and Alex: Jo (Camilla Luddington) committed herself at the end of last season, and Vernoff says the season “follow[s] through on that story in away that feels really beautiful and honest to me.” 
“We play a little bit of it in the season premiere and then we play a little bit more of it a few episodes into the season, and I feel really hopeful for Jo and Alex because she’s addressing her mental health, but that can be frightening for Alex because he has a history of women in his life with mental health problems,” Vernoff says, reminding us of Alex’s mother and ex. “So for sure as we head into our season, Alex is shaken up and it’s hard to know exactly where they’re going to land.” 


★ ABC released an extended promo for the Grey’s season premiere and it has more Justin/Alex in it.


★ Finally, ABC also posted a behind the scenes video from episode 15.06 titled “Flowers Grow Out of My Grave” showing Justin and Camilla Luddington shooting a hallway scene.