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Interesting episode for Alex this week and it was good to finally meet some of his family. Justin did great (as always 😉 ) and there are even mentions in the press about his portrayal of Alex today:

The way Justin Chambers plays Alex has always been nicely restrained — he’s never made Alex a great guy, or a guy with great judgment. Even the parts of Alex that are capable of kindness always act on it uncomfortably.


It’s a really nice bit, and Justin Chambers does a great job of staying understated while playing a whole lot of layers of emotion. He’s terrific in this episode, and I’m glad we get to see a little of his range aside from having to take care of Izzie.


I added screencaps from the episode to the gallery already. The next original episode of Grey’s Anatomy airs on April 29th.

6.19 – Sympathy For The Parents

Entertainment Tonight ran a small clip yesterday with Justin in his scrubs on the Grey’s set and he was commenting on Katherine Heigl having left the show. What he said is at the ET site:

ET has the first words from Katherine Heigl’s TV husband Justin Chambers since she confirmed that Izzy’s out!

“Katherine is very much loved,” Justin tells ET behind the scenes. “She’s a huge part of the show’s success.”

Before he was called back to the set for doctor duty, he added: “She’s always in our hearts and Izzy will always be a huge benefactor to the show.”

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