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Information:Liberty Heights

Justin As: Trey Tobelseted
Other Cast: Adrien Brody, Ben Foster, James Pickens Jr.
Director: Barry Levinson
Written By: Barry Levinson
Release:  17 November 1999 (USA)
Rating: 15
Running Time: 127 min
Genre: Drama, Music, Romance

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Anti-Semitism, race relations, coming of age, and fathers and sons: in Baltimore from fall, 1954, to fall, 1955. Racial integration comes to the high school, TV is killing burlesque, and rock and roll is pushing the Four Lads off the Hit Parade. Ben, a high school senior, and his older brother Van are exploring “the other”: in Ben’s case, it’s friendship with Sylvia, a Black student; with Van, it’s a party in the WASP part of town and falling for a debutante, Dubbie. Sylvia gives Ben tickets to a James Brown concert; Dubbie invites Van to a motel: new worlds open. Meanwhile, their dad Nate, who runs a numbers game, loses big to a small-time pusher, Little Melvin; a partnership ensues.






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Trivia and Facts

  • According to ‘Barry Levinson’, this film came out of a derogatory comment about Dustin Hoffman’s character in Sphere. The critic’s comment got Levinson thinking about his experiences growing up in Baltimore, and Liberty Heights was born.
  • In the scene where they are teeing off at the ‘golf course’, they are actually standing on the lawn in front of the Mansion House in Baltimore’s Druid Hill Park. The Mansion House is the current day administrative offices for the Baltimore Zoo. There is no real golf course in Druid Hill Park.
  • Part of a series of films based Barry Levinson’s family and friends from Baltimore. The other films are: Diner, Tin Men and Avalon.
  • Director Barry Levinson wanted someone with a Grace Kelly appeal to play the role of Dubbie the Blonde. Model Carolyn Murphy was cast, although she was ironically dubbed “The Blond Haired Gene Tierney” by Elle. She auditioned for the role after her agent encouraged her to do so, and unlike many other models turned actresses, she was praised for her work.