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Justin As: Rhett Butler
Other Cast:Anna Faris, Laura Breckenridge
Director: Brennan Shroff, Paul S. Myers
Written By: Brennan Shroff, Paul S. Myers
Release: 2005
Running Time: 90 mins
Genre: Comedy, Romance

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In the Georgia town of Johnson’s Mark, where they take hunting seriously, Belle and Bell are best friends, housemates in a trailer. On the day Bell dumps her boyfriend and Belle quits her job, they decide to take their dreams to Atlanta. They’ll need about $2500, so they set out to find the money. Belle has various schemes (bingo, karaoke), and Bell, who tends bar, offers to dance with the highest bidder. Then, she starts to fall in love with that guy, a local deputy sheriff named Rhett Butler. Love, friendship, loyalties, and the need for cash may be on a collision course.




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