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All hostees at fan-sites.org, have had gallery uploads disabled after a recent site hack overload. Many sites had been hacked into through our coppermine galleries, thankfully ours was not one of them. At the moment the only way the hostees can upload pictures is through the ‘batch add files’ feature, unfortunatly ours isn’t working and i keep getting a message up. This problem is corrently being asked in the coppermine gallery forum, and this problem, will be resolved soon.Then, we may be able to make some more image updates, it is unknown when the gallery uploads will be allowed, but all hostees have had to upload to the latest version of coppermine (just been done) and disable uploads to non registered users.Through, all this I am currently installing affiliationally (an affiliate sorting script), to the site. This will hopefully, progress our move to php and ease the adding affiliates.

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