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Us Magazine site has a small interview with Justin from last night’s Kickoff Party for the Chrysalis Butterfly Ball.[b]EXCLUSIVE: Justin Chambers: “I Am Actually Sleeping”[/b]Grey’s Anatomy hottie Justin Chambers says he is finally getting his zzz’s.[b]”I’m doing really good ? I’m actually sleeping!”[/b] Chambers, 37, who plays Dr. Alex Karev on the ABC hit, told Usmagazine.com at the Butterfly Ball Tuesday in Beverly Hills.In January, Chambers “voluntarily checked himself into UCLA Medical Center to get help with a pre-existing sleeping disorder” for three days, his rep said.[b]These days, “I am really enjoying life,” Chambers told Us.What’s helping him?Bikram yoga, which he’s been doing for the past two months.”It is where you sit in a 104-degree room, and you stretch for an hour-and-a- half,” he explained. “I swear by it ? it’s incredible.”[/b]His wife Keisha ? with whom he has five kids ? has also been a source of support. [b]”We are going on 14 years,” the sexy dad told Us. “When we get to 50, we will send you a postcard!”[/b]

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