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Here are some more things on Justin’s trip to El Salvador last week. Justin mentioned that some of his “Grey’s Anatomy” co-stars are supporting the “Fourteen Angels” organization that he is part of. In particular, Sara Ramirez (Dr. Callie Torres) will be working with Justin on making a documentary about the conditions the children are in at the Benjamin Bloom Hospital in El Salvador. Sara will be doing the narration. This documentary is one of Justin’s main plans now that he’s back home in LA. He also mentioned he’s planning on going back to El Salvador in December but he’s not sure if it’ll happen. A couple of articles with info about the trip and the plans (in spanish):Source 1Source 2I have a couple of videos to add to the YouTube page but I still have to edit one of the clips. I’ll just add more pics for now.El Salvador – May 15/16

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