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Finally I found what i have been looking for, I’ve just started watch season 4 online and alex is missing ava (damn you), i have good news, fo use alex/izzie fans.
Grey’s Anatomy Relationships: Alex & Izzie, Heating Up?

We last saw Alex and Izzie getting hot and steamy, in a depressing sort of way. What’s next for them?
I think you’re going to see a lot of really interesting sparks between the two of them.

Is there any truth to that rumor about Izzie having a brain tumor this season?

Source:E! Online

I also found a pic of Justin on the set of Grey’s Anatomy, filming season 5.
Prospect Studios (Grey’s Anatomy Set) – August 4

oh yeah and im going start posting links (of previews on youtube) to the episodes that are showing in england. 3.21-Desire

Season 5 starts on the 25th September. 🙂

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