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I added a bunch of photoshoots to the gallery that I had been meaning to add for such a long time but had been too busy or lazy to do so. Thanks to radon at Greys Daily for the most recent Cliff Watts photoshoot. Sorry, I’m just going to put the links without previews. It already took me a long time to add the pics and I have to go!

Taghi Naderzad
Andrew Southam
Jonathan Skow (TV Guide – Jan 2006) + BTS pics
Nathaniel Goldberg (GQ – February 2006)
Dan MacMedan (USA Today – March 2006)
Justin Stephens (Entertainment Weekly – Dec 2006)
Cliff Watts (TV Guide – April 2007)

Oh yeah, I added another couple of candids of Justin on the Grey’s set:

Prospect Studios (Grey’s Anatomy Set) – August 4

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