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Justin visited El Salvador in May (pictures at the gallery) as part of the Fourteen Angels Organization and they’ve put together a clip explaining their goals and how people can help. For more information, please visit Fourteen Angels (there’s also a video message from Justin at the site)

Justin appears in this clip at 2:25-3:07 explaining what the cause is about. He then does the voice-over on a clip with images from El Salvador.

The Grey’s Anatomy season 4 DVD went on sale, and a few of the bonus material has made it’s way onto YouTube. I won’t embed the videos because there are quite a few but I’ll leave the links:

Cast’s Favorite Scenes (Justin/Alex part from 1:13-2:57 and then 4:22-4:41)
Deleted Scenes (From 0:05-0:41)
Alex & Izzie Deleted Scene

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