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Elizabeth Reaser who played Ava/Rebecca/Jane Doe on “Grey’s Anatomy” and now has her own show (The Ex List) mentioned Justin in a few interviews:

TV Guide: What actors are on your wish list for playing some of the exes?

Reaser: I don’t think he’s available, but I’d love to work with Justin Chambers again. [Laughs] And I hear Patrick Dempsey is really hard up for work these days, so if he wants to call me, we can talk about it!


TWoP: That must have been fun as an actress to play that breakdown.

ER: Oh it was great. I loved that. I love being on that show. That’s so fun. That stuff is really well written and I loved working with Justin Chambers, obviously. So it’s like that was just such a dream job.

TWoP: So obviously they thought you and Justin had such great chemistry on screen and went with it.

ER: I got lucky. He is the best. He’s such a great actor and such a sweetheart. I’m so lucky.


Finally, on the season 1 DVD of “Private Practice” there is a feature called Kate Walsh: Practice Makes Perfect and Justin makes a brief appearance. I put together a clip with his part:

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