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You may have/not have noticed, but youtube now hate us. 🙁  Our Channel has been suspended.  This is a temporary problem, but no worries we have a solution.  I am going to apply for a media account, i will then upload phpmotion (which is like a youtube script) and then we will have our own mini version.  Visitors will be able to sign up for accounts and possibly add your own videos.

Im going to apply for an account now, well in a few minutes.

Time for a shamefull plug, i adopted Briana Evigan Fan, about a month ago.  So go and check it out, there will be a video archive on there in a few hours too, as i have just got the deatils through.

2 Responses to “The Justin Chambers Online Youtube Account”
  1. Diana says:

    YouTube is evil! 👿 Whatever… I’m sure the video archive you’ll add to the site will look great Fay! Can’t wait to see it! 😀

  2. Willa says:

    I did notice this….Thank You for trying to repair this problem. 😀

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