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Sorry for the lack of updates lately but I’ve been very busy. In a few weeks I hoping to make major gallery and video updates, so look out for that. 😀 In the meantime, here’s a small update.

There’s a Celebrity Test Drive article at the ‘Hollywood Life’ site (from late November but I only came across it now) with Justin being the featured celeb and he’s testing out the new NISSAN GT-R. The article is quite long but here’s a bit of it:

“My first one was a Dodge Dart Swinger – my dad bought it for me, a ’73 in great condition,” he says. “What a name. I’d tell people, ‘I’ve got a Swinger!'” Chambers shakes his head and grins. “I miss that car.”

Well, maybe not the car, but the halcyon teenage idyll that went along with it, which apparently bore more than a passing resemblance to the blissfully aimless vehicular carousing in Dazed & Confused. “We’d just drive around and around Snyder Park.” He grew up in suburban-rural Springfield, Ohio. “That would be it, all evening long. Hanging out and meeting up.”

We’re at a red light beside the Twin Towers county jail near Union Station. Chambers tells me that his mom was a sheriff’s deputy while he was growing up. “She’d be the one watching over my friends in the drunk tank at the end of the night.” I ask if this was embarassing to him at the time, and he brushes the question aside, perhaps because he’s now, along with Escalade-piloting wife Keisha, a parent himself – five times over, with his eldest, Isabella, at fourteen within striking distance of her driver’s permit. “Where I lived, there weren’t very many street lights. It was dark country roads.” He pauses, remembering. “If something happened to your kid, it would take a while to find him.”

To read the rest of the article click of the following link:
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