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A couple of recent Justin sightings:

1/27 — So I was moving among the gay gladiators of Gold’s Gym Hollywood, where who should I find cranking away at the handbike but relatively drama-free Grey’s Anatomy hunk JUSTIN CHAMBERS. Here’s what I’ll tell you about Justin Chambers: handsome, weight-conscious (he got on the scale), entourage- and trainer-free, and generally seemed like a nice guy. How can I tell all this by observing him from a safe distance? I just can.


It seems like the Archlight in Hollywood is a good place to run into celebs because the same night we ran into Dominic, we also ran into Justin Chambers and T.R. Knight of Grey’s Anatomy.

T.R. was there on a sweet date with his HOT boyfriend, and let me just tell ya, they are the cutest couple I’ve ever seen! As they walked with their arms around each other they wre more than happy to stop for photos.

Justin was as well very kind but in more of a hurry to peace out.

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  1. Willa says:

    Gosh…she shouldn’t show soooo much gums.
    Justin looks great.

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