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There’s a brief Justin mention in a men’s fashion article in USA TODAY.

These five well-known men are workin’ it in white
By Arienne Thompson, USA TODAY

Men usually leave it to the ladies to experiment with color. However, several male stars are shaking things up by throwing white into their color palettes. “Most guys aren’t going to go for yellow or pink or orange, but white has a kind of neutrality,” says Esquire‘s Nick Sullivan. “It’s a style statement.” Sullivan analyzes the right whites for USA TODAY.

Justin Chambers
Trendy jacket

A Salvatore Ferragamo party is all about style, and the Grey’s Anatomy star didn’t disappoint with a fashion-forward moto jacket in an unexpected off-white. He’s saying, ” ‘Hey, I’m wearing a biker jacket because I’m tough, but it’s not a black jacket, so I know I’m making a bit of a statement,’ ” Sullivan says.

White the right way: Use the element of surprise sparingly. Don’t “wear white leather biker jeans with it, or all white. (It) has to be the one element in your wardrobe that pops.”

I updated the recent Rome, Italy albums with new pics and added DVD screencaps of 4 more season 3 episodes of Grey’s Anatomy.

3rd Annual Rome Fiction Fest – Opening Ceremony – July 6
Sightseeing in Rome, Italy – July 7
rd Annual Rome Fiction Fest – Photocall/Press Conference – July 8
3rd Annual Rome Fiction Fest – Grey’s Anatomy Screening – July 8

3.15 – Walk On Water
3.16 – Drowning On Dry Land
3.17 – Some Kind Of Miracle
3.18 – Scars And Souvenirs

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