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Lots of different things to update! For starters, I was wondering in my last update if Justin was at the Lionel Richie tribute just as a fan or if he participated in it in any way. I got my question answered with this:

See more: Tribute To Lionel Richie – Sept. 12

Justin was a presenter! The tribute only airs in January 2010 but once I have the dates and channels on which it’ll air I’ll be sure to post them here.

Some new candids of Justin having lunch and obviously not happy with the paparazzi presence (go to the gallery to see what I mean). You look hot so cheer up, bb! 😛

Los Angeles – September 14

TV Guide Canada made a list of the 50 Sexiest Men of Fall TV and Justin is #8! Take that McDreamy and McSteamy! 😉

There are new and fairly extensive interviews with some of the cast of Grey’s Anatomy. The interviews were done in late season 5 and Justin talks about his character Alex Karev in season 5, the show and a bit about his personal life. Here is an excerpt:

You must enjoy something in your private life…
JUSTIN CHAMBERS: I enjoy being a father. My kids are in school and it’s always cool to go and check out their activities. Today my daughter is going to do scat singing at school, so I’m going to check it out. I’m really looking forward to that.

How do you unwind and relax?
JUSTIN CHAMBERS: I just do normal family things, like go out to eat and go to the beach. We just enjoy each other and spend time together as a family.

Is it true you had a sleeping disorder a while ago?
JUSTIN CHAMBERS: Yes, I did. How is it going? Well, I’m sleeping now. It’s all good. I went to a specialist to get it sorted out and it was an accumulation of things, but I definitely got help. It got pretty bad and there were times when I only slept for one hour a night.

To read more go to: All the Shades of Grey (scroll down, Justin’s is the last interview)

Grey’s Anatomy: The Complete Fifth Season DVD and Blu-ray sets went on sale in the US and Canada yesterday. Here are some clips from the extras featuring Justin:

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