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Just finished adding the screencaps from this week’s episode of Grey’s to the gallery.

6.08 – Invest In Love

Next week the episode is titled “New History” and this is the ABC promo:

2 Responses to “Grey’s Anatomy: 6.08 Screencaps + 6.09 Promo”
  1. Simona says:

    Justin was really AWESOME and SUPERCUTE in this last GA’s episode! Welcome back to the Gynie Squad!!

    Oh and what about the promo? I feel like George when he called himself McVomit XD

  2. Diana says:

    Not really Gynie squad but more PEDS squad and that is so much better! 😀

    The promo, hmm, I’m trying not hate too much on Izzie but my God is it hard. 😛 Her bitchiness and attitude, blaming Alex for her firing when she made a big medical mistake irritates me. I figured it would be this way when she returned and I expect Alex to give her attitude back but unlike him, Izzie has actually earned it.

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