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There’s a new article up at TV Guide Magazine with quotes from Justin. There are a few spoilers in the article about what’s coming up for Alex Karev on the show but here’s the bit about Justin’s life and his upcoming movie:

With Isaiah Washington and T.R. Knight also gone, and Ellen Pompeo saying she’ll be next, Justin’s one of the few remaining originals who’s enthusiastic about signing on for more seasons when his contract comes up for renewal next year. Turning the big 4-0 in July, he plans to spend his hiatus in Los Angeles starring in a movie opposite Chyler, who’s also producing the indie thriller with her husband, Nathan West. “With five kids, I don’t want to be traveling the world from one film to the next,” says Justin. “I want to stay here and watch my kids grow up. Grey’s Anatomy is a good job for my lifestyle. I like it here.” Hear that, Heigl? That’s what gratitude sounds like!

Now we have an idea what type of movie Justin will be shooting this summer. 😉

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