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A few casting directors were asked who they think is deserving of an Emmy award nomination this year. Jen Levy has Justin on her list. 8)

Great casting directors know great acting. So, while CDs may not be Emmy voters, Back Stage asked several of them who they think should be recognized this year.


“I think that if Katey Sagal does not get nominated for her work on ‘Sons of Anarchy,’ there is a serious problem in this industry. There is no one else I can see in that part. She is it; she owns that through her bones. I also think Justin Chambers has done the best work of his career this season on ‘Grey’s Anatomy.’ He brought so much nuance and depth to a character we already knew and loved.

—Jen Levy (“The Go-Getter,” the upcoming “Joint Body”)

Source: BackStage.com

2 Responses to “Justin brings nuance and depth”
  1. Willa says:

    EXCELLENT!!!!! I so hope Justin wins an award this year! 😀

  2. Diana says:

    He so deserved a nomination last year and didn’t get one. 🙁 If he didn’t get a nom then I don’t expect him to get one this year when he didn’t get the showy scenes (Emmy bait). The only acting nominations the show will get, if any, will be for Sandra Oh and/or Chandra Wilson (or for a guest star). They get a nom every year…..

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