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In an interview with Popstar, Grey’s Anatomy actress Sarah Drew mentions Justin.

Is there anyone in the cast that you have become particularly close to since your arrival?

[…]I also am really close with both Jesse and Justin, and Chyler. The four of those all together are kind of my closest pals on set. […]I’ve been working with Justin a lot this season, and I adore that guy. He’s so fantastic.

The Toronto Sun lets us know that Justin was a parent volunteer coach for an AYSO (American Youth Soccer Organization) game over the weekend.


Out-of-town visitors to Los Angeles are always wanting to know the best vantage points for prime stargazing.

Well, in addition to the usual assortment of trendy restaurants and nightspots, high-end outdoor malls and farmer’s markets, there’s a new photo op that even the paparazzi may not know about, yet: Kids’ soccer games.

Over the weekend a soccer mom friend was sharing the news that the parent volunteer coaching her young son’s AYSO (American Youth Soccer Organization) game was none other than Dr. Alex Karev (Justin Chambers) from Grey’s Anatomy.

“Our region’s definitely got the hottest soccer dads,” enthused Soccer Mom, also pointing to the presence of another whom she couldn’t quite identify, except for the fact that he was “one of ‘The Others’ from Lost.

She had meant to ask somebody for a positive ID, but she got distracted having to cheer on her kid.

Sneak peek from tomorrow’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy:

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