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I finally got around to reorganizing the Photoshoot category at the gallery. I had some difficulty deciding how to split things up and so, for now, everything up till the Calvin Klein Contradiction and Club Monaco campaigns from 2000 is in the ‘The Modeling Days‘ sub-category, everything after that is in ‘The Acting Days‘ sub-category. It isn’t an accurate split (Justin already had acting credits in the mid-90’s) but it makes it easier for me to manage and sort through the different types of images there. 😉

Many new pics have been added and some are of a very young Justin from almost 20 years ago. 😯 Updated albums:

Kelley Sane
Emporio Armani Fall/Winter 2003
Taghi Naderzad (EastWest Magazine – Mar. 1 2005)
Justin Stephens (Entertainment Weekly- Sept. 23 2005)
Paolo Battigelli (May 2006)
Robert Erdmann (TV Guide – Oct. 22 2007)
Tony Duran (GQ Style Germany – March 2008)

Joan Allen
Aldo Fallai
Emporio Armani (1992)
Emporio Armani (1995)
Arnold Zimberg (print ads)
Club Monaco – Fall/Winter 2000

Credit for the following scans goes to AngelLover at The Fashion Spot
Foxhound (print ad)
Morgan (print ad)
Max France (fashion editorial)
Vogue Hommes International (fashion editorial)

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  1. Rafaela Falcão says:

    Hello! I really like Grey’s Anatomy’s Justin Chambers as well. In each episode that makes me cry, and I can not stop.
    can give me his address? 🙂

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