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Last Sunday, Justin participated in the WordTheatre production “Stories of Home” benefiting the Friendship Shelter. I added a couple of pics from that day to the gallery and in an article about the benefit there is a bit about Justin.

Justin Chambers, revered for his role Alex on television’s “Grey’s Anatomy,” said he prefers reading from a text to memorizing lines as it, “gives you more room to interpret.” Chambers’ interpretation of “Loser” by Aimee Bender, about orphan boy with a gift for finding lost objects, was heartfelt and truly evoked the emptiness of a young man who found “things” but would never find the parents he lost in a tragic accident.

To read more, click: Star Studded ‘Stories of Home’ Benefits Homeless

Now on to the usual… Screencaps from Thursday’s episode and promo for the next episode which airs in two weeks (Dec. 2).

7.09 – Slow Night, So Long

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