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Screencaps from Grey’s Anatomy episode “Not Responsible”, plus info on upcoming episodes and the promo for March.

Here are the screencaps from this week’s episode of Grey’s:

7.16 – Not Responsible

Next original episode of Grey’s Anatomy (episode 7.17) airs March 24 and is titled “This Is How We Do It” with the musical episode “Grey’s Anatomy: The Music Event” airing the following week on March 31st. ABC released a promo for the episodes airing in March and this is it:

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  1. Buh says:

    I can’t see the info on upcoming episodes neither the promo for March 🙁
    Is there any problem with the page?

  2. Diana says:

    Hi! Thanks for letting me know. It’s funny because I could see everything on Firefox so I though everything was fine. But when I changed browser and used IE I couldn’t see the rest of the post either.

    I changed the HTML coding a bit and now I can see the rest of the post on IE too. Is it working for you now?


  3. Buh says:

    Yes =D Thank you! *

  4. Diana says:

    Awesome! Thanks again for letting us know.


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