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Quick update because it has been a while and it mostly relates to today being Father’s Day (Happy Father’s Day, Justin!). I added a small scan from the February 2008 edition of Glamour magazine (US – I’m not sure if it also came out in any of the international editions of the mag) that I found on a database. I would like to have a better quality scan so, if anyone actually has the magazine it would be greatly appreciated if you could scan the article + pic and send it to me. Full credit will be given. 🙂

Anyway, click on the link for the scan. I typed out what the article says for those having difficulty deciphering it. 😆

Glamour – February 2008

picture of a pumpkin

“This was Jackson’s first summer, and I love the way Justin’s looking at him, just taking him in.”

WHO: Grey’s Anatomy’s JUSTIN CHAMBERS, 37.
Photographed: In their home in New York City, 2002.

He plays a bad boy on TV, but in real life this former model is the proud father of, yes, five. Does this shot make him want to go for number six? “No.” laughs Justin. “We’re definitely out of our baby years.”

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  1. Willa says:

    Happy Father’s Day justin!!!! You are a great Dad.

  2. Simona says:

    Oh my! He is… just AMAZING! <3

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