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I would really appreciate it if certain Grey’s Anatomy fan sites would stop stealing our pics/scans and cropping or covering our watermarks. You know who you are but if you want to pretend you don’t, I have no problem in calling you out. I personally go through a lot of work searching for material and it is frustrating to see a lot of things that I upload ending up on another site (Sadly, sometimes only a few hours later) without giving Justin Chambers Online any credit.

Have some consideration for the time and effort Fay and I put into this site. Thanks.


3 Responses to “It’s unfortunate that I even have to say this…”
  1. fay says:

    this annoys me so much lately. Only the other day i saw another tumblr displaying a picture, yep it had our watermark, but they were claiming it was theirs in the source. 👿

  2. Diana says:

    I don’t really keep track of what’s going on on Tumblr but I imagine that stuff happens all the time. 🙄 My issue is mostly with one Grey’s Anatomy site in particular (although I know there are a few others…) that has been doing this for years. Yes, not weeks or months but YEARS! I’ve always let it slide. Yesterday, I uploaded the Calvin Klein ads which are hard to come across because they are over a decade old. A couple of hours after I find out through Twitter that this other site had already uploaded it to their gallery and they CROPPED the scan to just above our watermark acting as if that scan was always their’s to begin with. 👿 Others they had placed their site’s watermark over ours. WTF. I had already had a stressful day and that put me over the edge which is why I put this message up. I realize this may seem petty to some but you have to understand that by them doing that it negates the time and effort we put into this. It’s frustrating for me to spend hours going through old magazines looking for material and then another site snags it and is getting the credit for having these pics and scans. It leaves me sort of feeling like ‘why do I even bother wasting my time on this?

    I can’t promise restraint if this continues. I just might outright name the site next time…

  3. Simona says:

    Ewww.. Rude GA fansite!

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