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There’s a new interview with Justin and Kevin McKidd where they discuss Grey’s Anatomy and its uncertain future. . The interview can be read here –> Going grey?

Also, in an interview about season 7 of Grey’s posted at Grey’s Gabble, Chyler Leigh mentions Justin.

Are there any other alternative or different episodes in Season Seven?

There is also a faux documentary-style episode in Season Seven where a film crew comes to Seattle Grace to film the goings on. They interview the staff and they video the interactions between the doctors and the patients, which is really interesting to watch. I especially love what Justin Chambers [who plays Alex Karev on the show] does with his character in that episode. You get to look into why he behaves the way he does and why he acts so tough when in reality he is extremely caring and soft. The audience gets a behind-the-scenes look at his love for pediatric care, which is really fun.

It took me a while because Justin had a lot of scenes but the screencaps from this week’s episode have now been added to the gallery.

8.04 – What Is It About Men

Next Thursday airs episode 8.05 titled “Love, Loss and Legacy” and the ABC and CTV promos are below:

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    “you get to look into why he behaves the way he does ”

    sounds nice <3
    I always wanted to know that haha 😀

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