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TV Guide’s Matt Roush mentions Justin in his weekly TV review:

I did get a kick out of Justin Chambers projecting nerdy and perky instead of sullen and prickly as a more upbeat Karev (who’s still a louse in the relationship department), and Chandra Wilson giving us the meek “Mandy” Bailey, fired for not speaking up and thus causing the great Ellis Grey to lose face.

The screencaps from the “If/Then” episode took me a little longer than I anticipated but they are finally up.

8.13 – If/Then

Next Thursday ABC (and CTV) will air episode 8.14 “All You Need Is Love” which is a Valentine’s Day themed episode and this is the promo:

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  1. Willa says:

    Great promo but it just mad me see a new good Grey’s couple. Owen and April!!! Yea:)

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