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Sorry for taking so long with a second update but I’ve been really busy. I added a few more pics to the gallery including one of Justin with his daughters. And because I’ve seen many people curious about which daughters did what, here goes: on the left is Kaila who was the main vocalist, in the middle is Eva who sang chorus and played percussion, and on the right is Maya who played guitar. Kaila and Maya are twins and they’re 14 years old. Eva is 13 years old.

More pics from the event can be seen here: “Grey’s Anatomy: The Songs Beneath The Show” – Benefit & After Party – March 18

Kevin McKidd tweeted this pic of Justin backstage at Royce Hall:

There were several nice reviews about Justin & his daughter’s performance in particular about how good of a singer Kaila is. Here are a few:

Chambers sang “Young Folks,” with three of his children, Eva, Mya and Kayla. His daughter Kayla easily stole the show with a voice reminiscent of Norah Jones and a stage confidence well beyond her years. The performing genes clearly run in that family.

The OC Register

Justin Chambers and three of his children (!) sang “Young Folks” by Peter Bjorn and John. What a thrill to see the look of pride and delight on Justin’s face as his daughter brought down the house with her tremendous voice. As a mom myself, I totally got that moment.


There were so many highlights. I can’t tell you how sweet it was to see Chambers take the stage with three of his daughters to perform Young Folks. One of the daughters, I don’t know her name, has the most lovely voice and really should perform professionally.

Greg in Hollywood

Fans that bought the VIP tickets were also treated to a Q&A session with the cast and in this video, at around the 2:22 mark, Justin is asked a question.

There are also a lot of fans pics floating around, here are a few…


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