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TV Guide posted an article where Grey’s Anatomy producer Shonda Rhimes explains what we can expect for Alex in season 9.

Keck’s Exclusives: True Love For Grey’s Anatomy’s Alex?

Grey’s Anatomy’s Alex Karev (Justin Chambers) hasn’t had much luck in the love department since being abandoned by wife Izzie — and when Season 9 premieres, he’ll still be “a dog sleeping around,” says creator Shonda Rhimes. But not for long.

“This is the season I want to see Alex find true love — his person to land with,” adds Rhimes. It’s also possible Rhimes will delve into the character’s dark childhood and finally introduce his abusive, drug-addict father.

I’m certain Justin will undoubtedly nail it if given those storylines so I hope Shonda and her writing staff deliver on both those fronts. Season 9 will surely be my favorite season of the show ever if this happens. I’m excited.

ABC still hasn’t aired a promo with new scenes for the season premiere titled “Going Going Gone.” For now, they’re airing the following teaser promo:

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