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An article from The Hollywood Reporter about Meredith Israel Thomas has a brief mention of Justin. Meredith is a a former publicity and marketing executive at RCA Records who is dying of cancer and has been writing about her journey at Caringbridge.org. This is the mention from the Hollywood Reporter.

No Hollywood Ending as Former RCA Records Exec Fights Breast Cancer With Weeks to Live

Plenty of people who never knew Meredith have reached out to her via Caring Bridge, Facebook and e-mail. They include Justin Chambers and Kevin McKidd from Grey’s Anatomy (she’s a fan of the show) along with several producers from the series.

In fact, in Meredith’s journal in the Oct. 15 entry titled “Scared to Death…there is nothing fun about dying” (NGL, I cried when I read her journal), she mentions Justin emailing her.

” I then received an email from the Justin Chambers who plays Alex Karev on Grey’s Anatomy thanking me for being a fan, for my writing skills and to wish me the best.”

To read this brave and amazing woman’s journal, click on the following link -> Caring Bridge.org

Moving now to Grey’s Anatomy, a new sneak peek from this Thursday’s episode has been released and it can be watched below.

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