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Camilla Luddington, who plays intern Jo Wilson, on Grey’s Anatomy gave an interview to Elle where she discusses filming key moments in the two-parter season finale of Grey’s and she mentions Justin in the process.

How did you prep for that climactic moment?

It was the last scene of the night. It was probably one in the morning. Everyone had gone home so there was an intimacy to the set. I separated myself from everyone and listened to really romantic musicโ€”Mumford & Sons and U2โ€”and just cheesed it up. By the time he approached me, my heart was beating out of my chest. Let me just say this: Justin Chambers is a wonderful kisser. I totally melted.

To read the full interview click on the following link: Exclusive! Grey’s Anatomy’s Camilla Luddington on Last Night’s Season Finale and Who Is the Show’s Best Kisser

Also, here is a pic of Justin at the WordTheatre event from Thursday night. Click on the thumbnail.

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