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The New York Post was on the set of Grey’s Anatomy as the cast was filming its 200th episode.

It is the 200th episode of “Grey’s Anatomy,” and the actors are clearly celebrating the milestone.

“My kids are getting to college age,” says Justin Chambers, who plays the perpetually single Dr. Alex Karev, but in real life is a father of five. “Thank God I can pay for it.”

What has been some of Justin’s favorite moments on Grey’s?

“I had a lot of great stuff with Izzie [Katherine Heigl] — the proposal scene, picking her up off the bed when Denny [Jeffrey Dean Morgan] died, and being there for her when she was dying, fighting the weaknesses and insecurities. I remember on that bed, trying to revive her, it felt good as an actor can feel. I love Katie. She is a doll, and she was a pro, always on her mark; a great talent.”

As to Jessica Capshaw (Dr. Arizona Robbins) some of her favorite moments are:

“For me, it is all my lovely moments with Sara [Ramirez] and Justin [Chambers] and particularly the beginning when Callie and Arizona are getting into a relationship.”

The article is an interesting read and you can check out the full story at the following link -> 200 episodes later, is ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ still McDreamy?

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