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In a new interview with The Reel Spin, actress Camilla Luddington who plays Dr. Jo Wilson on Grey’s Anatomy talks about her character Jo’s relationship with Alex and what it’s like working with Justin among other things.

TRS: You and Justin Chambers (‘Alex’) have incredible chemistry. How much fun has it been getting to explore this new relationship this season?

Luddington: Justin and I always have a lot of fun together. We laugh a lot on set and get excited to see what’s next in the cards for ‘Jo’ and ‘Alex.’ There’s a natural ease and familiarity between us because we’ve had an entire season of being stuck together filming, and I think it shows. Especially in scenes where we get to joke around together. This season is tougher then last though because now they’re together and navigating their way through a new relationship, and they aren’t the best at communication. They’re learning, but there are times when I read a script I just wanna scream at them both, “Talk! Please! Just talk to each other!” But, it makes for good drama.

To read the full interview with Camilla click on the link -> Grey’s Anatomy: An Interview with Camilla Luddington

And a reminder that tonight airs a new episode of Grey’s Anatomy! Happy Halloween! &#9760

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