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With three episodes (including tonight’s) left to air in this 10th season of Grey’s Anatomy, media outlets are publishing interviews with the cast reflecting on Sandra Oh’s exit. Below are Justin’s thoughts about his co-star of ten seasons from TV Guide and The Hollywood Reporter.


“It’s going to be completely bizarre. It’s going to be a huge hole for us because she’s such a huge part of Grey’s. Her intelligence and talent is felt, and it ripples throughout the show. So, not having her here, we’re really going to feel it. I’m excited for her. She’s so talented. There’s going to be great stuff for her in the future.” — Justin Chambers

The Hollywood Reporter — ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Cast, Creators Say Farewell to Sandra Oh

Justin Chambers (Alex)
Favorite memory and how Cristina’s story should end:
“Sandra is an incredible actor and will just look at me a certain way and I’ll bust up laughing. We had a scene fighting over a gurney and we acted juvenile like our characters do. She does this look and puts her head up and walks off and I kept laughing every time we did the take. I love her so much. She sets such a great precedent on our show and a lot of actors, myself included, have learned from her. I love Yang and what she’s contributed to the show. I think Yang should run a hospital somewhere and be happy. She should find happiness even if it’s through work.”

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