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Justin is on his way home after spending a few days in Belgium where he did press for Grey’s Anatomy. Here is a short interview from a Belgian site which was translated from french (Link to original source below).

Justin Chambers (Grey’s Anatomy) passing through Brussels!


After Monaco and London, Justin Chambers aka Alex Karev, the handsome Pediatric surgeon on “Grey’s Anatomy” is in Belgium, more precisely in Brussels for a European tour. We met him.

“This is the first time I come to your country and I admit that I fell in love with the architecture of some facades in Brussels” reveals the actor comfortably installed in a suite of a luxury hotel in the capital.

During the interview that he gives us, and to discover this Thursday, June 19th, the actor is back on the 10th season of “Grey’s Anatomy” being broadcast since last Saturday on RTL-TVI, but also on his visit to Belgium.

As a gift, the actor is left with a “Ciné-Télé-Revue” where two of his colleagues pose. “Thank you for this copy. I see it dates from 2011. Soon then my cover? “, he says as a joke.

Photos posted on social media from Justin’s visits to Brussels and the nearby city of Ghent (June 15-17). Click on the thumbnails.

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