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Season 12 of Grey’s Anatomy has officially begun and Justin got a nice shoutout in a review for the season premiere.

I found it ironic that this episode was titled “Sledgehammer” since I felt pummeled by this heavy-handed plot. These are important issues. Issues that require a nuanced touch, but there was no subtlety here. Callie’s plight was meant to move me. Maggie’s horror stories were meant to move me. In all honestly, it was only Alex’s tale that really seemed authentic instead of contrived and that was due, I think, to the stellar work of Justin Chambers – so often underused and under appreciated.

If you watched the season premiere, you caught a brief glimpse of Jo and Alex’s (Jolex) loft. Set decorator, Nicole Cramer, posted a few pics of it. Check them out at the link below.

Jolex’s Loft – Set
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On Wednesday, Jessica Capshaw did ADR (Automated Dialog Replacement) work for episode 12.03 and posted a pic with the following caption:

Behind the scenes…Took Luke to get some ADR done today. Episode 1203. Just you wait…#JustinChambers is uh-mazing!! #TGIT ONLY ONE MORE DAY TO WAIT!!!

Definitely makes me excited! Grey’s episode 12.03 is titled “I Choose You” and will air on October 8th.

Speaking of episode 12.03, a fan posted this pic with Justin taken back in August when Grey’s was filming on location for that episode.

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