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I’m annoyed that this is happening and I have to make an update about it when I could be using the time to prepare something else to update the site with. 😒

Recently, it came to my attention that an Instagram account is claiming to be Justin’s new account. This is blatantly FALSE. The account in question is this one https://www.instagram.com/ijustinchambers/


That person is taking advantage of the fact that Justin doesn’t use his Instagram to pretend that he made a new one. It’s disrespectful to impersonate someone and quite pathetic to try to fool fans.

Justin’s Instagram account still is https://www.instagram.com/officialjustinchambers/.


Justin’s Grey’s Anatomy cast mate, Jerrika Hinton (Dr. Stephanie Edwards), posted a video of him on set today and confirmed in the comments that Justin’s Instagram continues to be officialjustinchambers. See the confirmation HERE.

Thanks for reading all that, and without further ado here is Jerrika’s hilarious video where she sneaks up on Justin on set today.

#sneakycam strikes again

A video posted by Jerrika Hinton (@hellojerrika) on

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