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Last Thursday was ABC’s day at the Television Critics Association summer press tour, and actress Caterina Scorsone (Dr. Amelia Shepherd) attended and gave a few interviews about season 13 of Grey’s Anatomy. She spoke a bit about Alex and Jo’s storyline and said it will be a big part of the season premiere on September 22nd. Read below what she had to say about Jolex.

Grey’s Anatomy’s Caterina Scorsone on Amelia’s ‘Cake’ Baby, Jo’s ‘Huge’ Story

Speaking of Season 13 drama, Scorsone was able to tease “a huge storyline focusing on Alex and Jo,” whose relationship got rocked in the finale by the heart-crushing reveal that Jo has been living under a false identity, to elude an abusive husband.

“It got messy for them,” Scorsone says, “but that’s going to become a really multi-layered story that has social and personal overtones…. It’s a real opportunity to explore some important issues.”

Entertainment Weekly – Spoiler Room

Are we seeing more of the Owen and Amelia wedding in the Grey’s Anatomy premiere? — Poullete

The season premiere picks up right where we left off, but expect the Alex and Jo storyline to play a bigger role in the season opener. “In the first episode, it’s really wedding night, so Owen and Amelia are otherwise occupied,” Caterina Scorsone tells me. “And there’s a big piece of drama going on having to do with another storyline [with Alex and Jo] that I think is going to play for a while in the season. It’s very explosive, very exciting and interesting on social levels and personal character levels.”

Grey’s crew member, Daniel, posted this behind-the-scenes photo of Justin and Kevin McKidd filming their scene (which apparently was the last scene filmed) in the season 12 finale.

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