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The cast of Grey’s Anatomy attended PaleyFest last Sunday and now lots of new things keep coming out (it’s getting hard to keep track of and organize). I’m working on having the professional photos up soon, as well as fan photos and videos. Keep checking back for that. In the meantime, here are a couple of red carpet interviews from E! News.

In this first video, the cast talks about Grey’s long run. Justin appears at around 1:12.

In this video, the cast talks about how much longer they think Grey’s will run. Justin appears at around the 0:12 timestamp.

Justin isn’t in this video but his co-star Ellen Pompeo talk about.
At the 0:47 timestamp, the reporter says that one of the best storylines of the season has been Meredith & Alex and asks what Ellen loves about that because she’s been doing it for 13 years. Ellen says:

Yeah, well, Justin Chambers and I have an extraordinary bond. We’re really good friends and, you know, I love him more than anything, so any chance I get to work with him or have scenes with him is a fun day.

And to end this update, Justin’s best friend Matheos posted this pic with him on his Instagram today.

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