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Last week was a big week… Grey’s Anatomy reached the 300th episode milestone, there was a party, on location filming and season 14 premiered. With all the news, photos and videos having to be added to the site and making update posts, I didn’t mention a more personal milestone for us here – Justin Chambers Online reached it’s 10th anniversary!

For real. Ten years. Wow.

Those who know me (Diana), know I’m pretty laid-back and don’t make a big deal about things, not even birthdays. However, I do think it’s fitting to acknowledge JCO’s anniversary because it’s rare for a fansite, especially these days with Tumblr and social media, to be online for this long.

I would first like to thank Fay for letting me join her on this ride. She’s the mastermind behind all this. The cool header, the layout, all the technical details that actually go into having the site up and running, it’s all her doing. Over the years, she’s received her fair share of e-mails from me with technical issues/questions, and she has always promptly gotten to work in getting things fixed, and has always been sweet about it all, even though I’m sure I was annoying at times. Ha! Simply put, JCO wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for her.

I believe I can speak on Fay’s behalf when I say, a big thank you goes out to YOU, our visitors. This site is run by Justin fans for Justin fans, so all the work would be pointless without you all visiting. Also, thank you to those who follow us on Twitter and/or Facebook. A few years ago, when we decided it would be a good idea for the site to have a presence on social media, I never thought we would have 22K+ Twitter followers and 70K+ Facebook likes. It’s been fun and definitely interesting to interact with fans and see how the fandom has evolved. To those special souls who started off as visitors but have become friends, thank you for the support and, above all, for listening.

Special shout-out goes out to man the site is about – Justin Chambers. You once said to me on IG about the site, “I live a low key life so to get praise and appreciation like that can be good medicine for an actor’s ego.” And to that I’ll say, that you have deserved every bit of praise and appreciation. Your immense talent in undeniable, you are beloved by your coworkers, and every fan that I have ever seen or heard from has spoken of your kindness and generosity. I wouldn’t be doing this for this long if you weren’t a kind, generous, down-to-earth family man who’s also a true and wonderful professional. You’ve made it easy to be a fan of yours.

Well, this has gotten much longer than I ever intended… As for me, I’ll continue on doing my part in updating you with news, photos and videos here at the site, and on Twitter and Facebook. The ride is still going!

Once again, thank you to all for the last 10 years. ❤

– Diana

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